DDNS documentation

Our DDNS Service emulates the DynDNS server protocol.


The following syntax can be used to call the DDNS Service.



apikey The API key for the UnoEuro account. Found in our controlpanel.
domain The name of the domain (product) you wish to update. Can be in punycode format.
hostname The name of the A record you wish to update. The domain should not be appended to this. Ie. use "home", not "home.example.com".
myip Optional. The IP address of the DNS record. If this field is not the provided, the IP of the client is automatically used instead.


dnserr Something went wrong
nochg The record is already set to the IP given.
badauth Invalid login
good The record has been updated

Curl example Recommended

Use the following curl command:

# curl -s -L "https://api.unoeuro.com/ddns.php?apikey=[APIKEY]&domain=[DOMAIN]&hostname={hostname}"

Replace {hostname} with the name of the A record you wish to update.

You can set this command to run in a crontab, on a local machine, every 15 minutes or so.